The attorneys at Orlando Legal have experience handling a variety of appellate matters in many areas of the law including family law, civil litigation, and probate and trust litigation.  Orlando Legal can provide clients with representation in all aspects of appellate law, including preparation of briefs, petitions for writ of certiorari, appellate motion practice, and oral argument.  We provide representation to clients who want to initiate an appeal of a lower court’s ruling, and clients who need to respond to an appeal filed by their opponent.

Because an appellate court’s decision is based very heavily, if not exclusively, on written briefs and pleadings, it is very important for an appellate attorney to prepare strong appellate briefs and pleadings.  At Orlando Legal, our appellate attorneys are experienced and qualified in the areas of legal research and writing, specifically at the appellate level.

We can offer advice if you are considering filing an appeal of a final order or judgment, or certain orders issued before a final judgment, or if you need to respond to an appeal filed by your litigation opponent.  Time is of the essence in appellate law, as the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure require notices of appeal be filed timely, and a successful appeal will involve an error by the lower court that was harmful and irreversible.  Orlando Legal can counsel you regarding crucial deadlines, as well as whether your circumstances warrant an appeal under the law.

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