If your home or business has been damaged by a hurricane or wind storm, our lawyers can assist you with the insurance claim process.  We know how difficult life can become when a hurricane strikes, and rebuilding can seem like an overwhelming task. When your insurance company fails to properly compensate you for your loss, the process becomes even more difficult.

Insurance companies have specific duties under Florida law, and in the wake of a disaster like Hurricane Irma it is the homeowner who suffers when insurers try to cut corners and minimize their losses. Our lawyers can help you if:

  • Your insurance company has improperly denied your claim;
  • Your insurance company has failed to conduct a complete and thorough investigation of your damages;
  • Your insurance company has undervalued your claim, or failed to compensate you for your entire loss; or,
  • Your insurance company delays your claim and fails to respond to your requests.

We can also review your insurance policy for you, and make sure you are aware of your obligations as the policy-holder. It is important to know that insurance policies include steps you must take after a loss, and if you don’t comply with these requirements the insurance company can try to use it against you. You may also be entitled to coverage you didn’t know you had, such as additional living expenses, compensation for business interruption, or personal property.

Your home is the most valuable thing you own, your biggest investment. But it’s more than that.  It’s where you’ve raised your children…it’s where memories are made. When your home is damaged, it affects your entire life. Damage to your business can be just as devastating because it is not only your source of income, but the product of your personal effort and determination. Our lawyers have experience litigating hurricane insurance claims, and can help you protect your rights to rebuild your home or business, and get back on your feet again.

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